by Joshua Ishizaki of Geek K.O.

       So the main purpose of this article is to discuss why I like or do not like Halloween.  Instead of straight up telling you the answer, I am going to hide it somewhere forcing you to:

1.   At least skim through and see if you can find it.

2.   Ignore this article altogether.

       Assuming you are going with the first one, let me begin by saying that I was exposed to Halloween the same way most children were.  I mean that in the sense that I was raised in a conservative household that did not necessarily value the essence of Halloween.  This was fine, however, since even at a young age I understood what my parents were trying to teach me and even though I could not entirely relate to most of my friends, I did not feel left out nor was I shunned from particular friend groups.  As I grew older my parents let me make more decisions on my own and I started going out with friends on Halloween.  Although I do not think I have ever really Trick-Or-Treated, I would go to Knott’s Scary Farm, costume parties, and whatever else was going on. 

       Now, if you watch the GSW video coming out later this month (or earlier if you have time travel capabilities), I list a couple reasons why Halloween is pretty cool.  The first point was actually the hardest one to really talk about.  It had to do with my favorite Halloween memory.  Now, if you refer to earlier in this article, you could surmise that I do not have too many noteworthy memories of Halloween.  Now, it may seem that I am somewhat apathetic towards Halloween.  That is entirely true.  Aside from the positives that I will/have mention(ed) in the video, I do not have much of a connection to Halloween so I can not say that I think Halloween is the best thing ever.  That being said (written? typed?), I definitely do not condemn the holiday or anyone that celebrates it.  Although there is a scale of what I personally approve and do not approve of, I view Halloween as a cultural normative and culture is something I believe to be important. 

       So there is my answer in a cluster-nut shell.  If you are skipping to this paragraph in hopes of finding what my answer is then too bad.  It has been lightly sprinkled throughout the entirety of this post.  For those of you who suffered through this whole thing, feel free to share your thoughts, post a clever meme/gif, or simply just send me a spoopy.  I am always down for that.  Thanks for bearing with me and happy hallow-hunting!


Watch the GSW video thing coming later, maybe.

The Perfect Convention For Beginners

A few weeks ago, Long Beach Comic Con (one of the two Long Beach comic conventions of the year) happened over the weekend, and once again passed my expectations. Long Beach Comic Con, to me, has consistently been one of the best comic book conventions I’ve attended, and this year was no different.

The greatest thing about LBCC is that it’s the perfect stepping stone for anyone who’s never been to a convention before, but has always wanted to. It’s not too crowded with people, and has plenty of famous comic book personalities and celebrities to turn anyone into an excited five-year-old again.

One of the most surprising events to happen this year was the cast of Firefly had a panel and a meet-and-greet. I couldn’t be there for the panel, but walking down the celebrities aisle and seeing Jayne Cobb (Adam Baldwin), Kaylee Frye (Jewell Staite), and Dr. Simon Tam (Sean Maher) sitting in the same place made me and other fans really giddy.

Speaking of geeking out, I needed to calm down from this sighting, so I knew I needed to walk away. Unfortunately, I walked into the same aisle as the one and only FLASH GORDON. I know his name is Sam Jones, but to me and a lot of other people, he’ll alway be Flash Gordon! Across from and next to the quarterback who fought against the evil Emperor Ming though, was the Dynamic Duo themselves: Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Robin (Loren Lester)!

The Geek-Out was too extreme, so I had to step outside, and ran right into the world of cosplay.

It wouldn’t be a convention without the dedication and creativity of cosplayers. I’ve always admired how great these costumes can turn out, but as much as I love taking pictures with my favorite heroes, there’s one aspect I want to give them a ton of credit for: how they handle themselves in front of kids.

Cosplayers would stay in character and have fun with the kids, who were already super excited to meet them. They make the moment all about the kid, even offering their props to hold in photos. When I got to speak to some of them, they’d either stay in character if I played along, or would share what work went into their costumes. One of my favorite cosplays of the convention was a giant white dog that had The NeverEnding Story crest on its collar. The dog’s name was -- wait for it -- FALCOR!

(That wasn’t an impromptu name or inside joke, the dog actually responded to Falcor!)

Because of all this, I’ll always suggest Long Beach Comic Con to anyone who wants to go to a con, but doesn’t want to pay the incredible prices that San Diego has. It always has a great line-up of creators, star, and cosplayers, all willing and able to geek-out with you. And great news: their next convention, the Long Beach Comic Expo, will be February 18th and 19th next year!

Geeks of the Round 003 - Star Wars Breakdown w/ Jason Patrick Galit

On the latest episode of Geeks of the Round, Producer Justin brings in Jason Patrick Galit to breakdown the original Star Wars (1977). They discuss why the film works, and why it doesn't. Tune in to see if you agree with these two geeks!